Nick Deyring

Executive strategic thinker, designer,
and drinker of iced coffee

Since I was small, I've always been fascinated with branding, product positioning, business creativity, and what the definition of "beautiful" is.

Growing up in a family of engineering entrepreneurs in California inspired me to bring a unique perspective to approaching business problems. I've won national design awards, including a 2016 LG Innovation Award for US Platform, the first in its fifty-year history ever given to a marketing group within LG, rather than an engineering team.

// Definition


Beautiful form, with metrics in mind. To form (verb) is to make or fashion into a specific shape or form, relating to our sensory reaction to an object. A metric (noun) is a standard for measuring or evaluating something, implying precise intent. 

Formetric bonds the technical to the inspired, form with function, and art with purpose.

// Experience


My past, current and future clients include consumer, B2B and enterprise companies. To simplify complexity while prioritizing usefulness is a beautiful thing. 

Solar startups brand-to-market ecosystem and materials, presentation deck template, UI

Optics sub-brand market approach ecosystem, educational website

Medical imaging device improved mobile UX flow, microsite, three phase QC and testing

Retail workshops after customer research, experience audit, brand book, opportunity mining

Consumer electronics appliance future state strategy, business and brand hackathon, creative ecosystem reco

Technology consortium sub-brand guide, UX design templates and website for a green energy program

Pharma creative and growth marketing strategy

Engineering robotics VR experience demo, secret-shopper audit of b2b customer journey, landing paged

Air Purifier review of DTC approach, audit of gaps and strategic recommendations for one-year plan

Formetric developing its own tools, services and knowledge as products

// Recommendations

Hear it from them

"Nick is who every account person asks to work with on their piece of business. He takes the initiative to learn the clients' business in order to provide creative solutions that are innovative, sophisticated and, on most importantly, on strategy. His ideas and executions are home runs, and time after time I found that his thinking and initiative made my job much easier." -Keli Lane MacDonald

// Principles

Expertise, results, and partnership

Expertise enjoys challenge
Enjoy solving wicked problems, make beautiful things and develop a practice of expertise. This means keeping the craft knives sharp and looking for challenging projects. 

Believe in real results
To be a part of an expert team of peers, proven to be top-tier thinkers and doers who enjoy solving problems for clients, you need to also care about outcomes. Care about the KPIs because they are the customer reality.

Stakeholders are partners
Nothing important happens in isolation. Working directly with a talented expert team delivers value, excellence in output, and a higher level of engagement. Treat all engagements as a respectful partnership, intended to deliver truth with value.

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