Understands what it means to develop talent? Check. Understanding responsibility as a leader to the client and our business? Check. He works with you to figure out how goals can be accomplished.

Seth Solomon, Senior Director of Creative Operations
LG Electronics


Nick is unflappable. It's his trademark. But beneath that calm exterior is a creative who is constantly looking for the answer. And a leader who does so without ego, willing to share that spark (and credit) at every turn.

Rahul Sabnis, Group Creative Director
360i - Canon account


I've rarely met as collaborative a team member as Nick. He respects ideas and thoughts from all team members. He holds an incredibly high standard for creative work and pushes the ideas to be stand out, unique/ownable, and ultimately drive serious results. On Billion Back Records, he not only helped lead the creative vision but was also incredibly resourceful in finding the right kinds of partners to help us get a social campaign into market that used our budget to the max.

Caroline Tseng, Senior Strategist
360i - H&R Block account


Nick is one of those you can count on to deliver brilliant work that always exceeds client expectations. He is collaborative, creative, smart, hard working, professional, efficient, detailed oriented and fun to work with. His experience across online channels has been extremely valuable to our team and client.

Amit Bhasin, Account Director
G2 - Time Warner account


Nick is the designer that everyone wants on the team. He's an enthusiastic contributor to ideas, a great collaborator when it comes to planning the creative execution, and technically proficient. But what makes Nick stand apart from many others, is that he is shockingly calm under pressure which makes the creative process so much more pleasurable.

Steven Perham, Creative Director


Nick is the creative that every account person asks to work with on their piece of business. He takes the initiative to learn the clients' business in order to provide creative solutions that are innovative, sophisticated and, on most importantly, on strategy. His ideas and executions are home runs, and time after time I found that his thinking and initiative made my job much easier. I have had the pleasure to work with many great creative teams, but Nick and his partner are undoubtedly two of the best in the industry.

Kelli Lane MacDonald, Account Supervisor
G2 - BMW, Nestle Account


Nick is the "go-to" guy. The ultimate team player. He's a multi-talented Art Director/Video extraordinaire who's thirst for knowledge of all things artistic is infectious. There are few that are more even-keeled and fun to work with, even in the most stressful situations. His work has been shared by both agencies and clients as examples for what how they envision success. He has made the advertising business an art form.

Todd Lynch, Associate Creative Director
G2 - Pfizer Account


Nick's greatest strength lies not in his design abilities, significant as they may be, but in his reasoning. Nick is a masterful thinker. He is a rare individual who can combine logical, organized thoughts with wild creative ideas. The result is always something that is both interesting and exciting, as well as sensible and on strategy.

Dustin Glick, Creative Director
Multiple agencies


Nicklaus is both highly creative and amazingly organized. I have worked with creatives for many years and Nick is the first one I've met who possesses both of these skills. He is able to predict how long a job will take him to complete, and always hits that deadline - and always within regular business hours without a need to work overtime to achieve on-time completion. He works very effectively with peers and management, and builds a rapport with clients that is based on a combination of his talent and reliability. Nick is an incredible asset to NIA - I know that having him as part of our team has elevated our credibility with our clients as well as moved us in new directions as an agency.

Jennifer Finetti, Head of Operations
NIA - Zeiss Account


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