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UX/UI Case study

It takes work for users to switch lens systems. As a camera manufacturer, Canon is vested in getting customers more invested in additional lenses to ensure life-long brand loyalty. It further dives that user into the "prosumer" space, continuing their creative journey with the brand. Not to mention, lens bodies may come and go, but investing in lenses would significantly improve their return to purchasing new camera bodies.

40+ pages

120+ products

4 user types


Inspiring e-commerce

Canon excels at motivating their customers in the educational e-commerce arena with their impressive photography samples. Our team has devised a unique concept that highlights how owning a variety of lenses can enhance one's sensory experience and reveal the world in previously unimaginable ways. This approach is particularly suited for novices, as it encourages the benefits of expanding their lens collection, which results in improved photography skills and a broader perspective on the world.

User experience

Information architecture

Visual design

Creative direction

Content strategy


Turning too much into just right

We successfully addressed the task of distinguishing 12 distinct lens categories through an innovative metaphorical approach and the inclusion of a concise micro catalog. Through this user-friendly tool, individuals are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of each lens type, including its optimal usage, recommended settings, insightful statistics, and helpful tips for maximizing its potential.


Strict adherence to quality

The organization places a high value on image quality and expects the website's visual aesthetics to reflect their core principles. This presents a challenge for the team, as they must skillfully communicate their ideas while adhering to the proper Canon lens type and settings. Nevertheless, this meticulous process allows the team to gain a deeper appreciation of the product.


Testing and accessibility

Are there any accessibility barriers that need to be overcome? Are users resonating with a particular photograph? Or are they resonating with a metaphors? If you make the information behind the products' core easy to access, and you have it next to inspirational visuals and photography in words that all come together in a compelling story, that seamless experience resonates with significant impact.


A visualized experience

The result was people could further understand what the lenses they already own are capable of. They became excited beyond just what they saw on the site, but in  expanding the possibilities Canon lenses might give them.

This means that even if the customer didn't even buy an additional lens, they felt more excited about the product that they already owned. That's the actual value of this kind of experience. It doesn't just expand into new product territory; it elevates the importance of the camera system you already own as a customer. And even employees can resonate when you create experiences by a brand that make them feel even better about working for that company.


The language of photography

Photography Tips are a standard means of expanding knowledge around photography, particularly on blogs, magazines, websites, and workshops. They are a quick and easy way to communicate relevant and helpful information on using the products in certain situations. So we recreated the usage of tips throughout the entire site, showing what was possible with the lens and tips on how to do it. There are only three ways to affect behavior, either thoughts, feelings, and actions. By explaining the action taken, they imagine a situation where they might use the product, which inspires more connection to the possibilities and, ultimately, purchase.

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